CSN Golden Triangle Collision

“The [BenchRack] is definitely my favorite. It’s very cutting edge . . . and is really helping us to develop for the future. It’s definitely helped our referrals both from the Dealerships in referring their customer’s and feeling that the repairs will be completed safely, as well as we can use it as a selling tool to our customers that we are [OEM] Certified.”

– William Snow, Manager of CSN Golden Triangle Collision, Guelph, Ontario

Randy’s Body Shop

“The measuring system is by far better than anything that we used or demoed. I don’t know that there is another [tool] out there that will measure the upper body of these vehicles like the Vision will.”

– Brad Wiersma, Vice-President of Randy’s Body Shop

Big Sky Collision

“My experience with Car-O-Liner has been outstanding. The big thing is allowing my technicians to get the vehicle repaired safely and back to the customer as timely as possible.”

– Rob Moore, CEO of Big Sky Collision

Collision Care Xpress

“I saw how efficient the equipment is … now we know exactly what we need to pull that specific vehicle at that specific time for that specific repair. Easy as 1-2-3 with Car-O-Liner.”

– Robert Molina, Owner/Operator of Collision Care Xpress

Sonic Collision

“I would recommend Car-O-Liner to anybody. This is the best equipment that’s out there, on the market today, for repairing full-frame and uni-body vehicles.”

– Cameron Campbell, Owner of Sonic Collision

Car-O-Liner Classic Auto Body

“It’s good to know Car-O-Liner is helping us do it better!”

– Mario Tommolillo, Owner of Classic Auto Body

“With Car-O-Liner equipment in our shops, we are investing in long-term success. As the industry evolves, we must be equipped with innovative technology to meet the changing repair methods that new vehicles require. Our businesses need to generate the greatest amount of production in the least amount of space with minimum cycle time. The total solutions that Car-O-Liner offers allow us to equip our shops with the exact equipment we need to increase our throughput, returning vehicles to pre-accident condition, so we can get our customers back on the road quickly and safely.”

Bruce Mackie, President
Bodycraft Collision Centers

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“This system is the best. I’ve repaired many cars using this system. So easy and so accurate!”
ProautoTech Rios

“Car-O–Liner is a strong part of my business. We use the resistance welder constantly, and my Car-O-Liner frame machine and measuring system enable my techs to be confident in putting structural repairs back to factory spec.”
James Thomas

“Car-O-Liner’s HandEye app is so impressive! Technology at its best!”
Timothy Johnson

“Really like Car-O-Liner. Especially the EVO System.”
Keith McGowan

“Car-O-Liner has the best full frame package I have yet to see.”

“My Volkswagen repair went very well – as it should when using the best equipment in the industry. It would be hard to not do it right using Car-O-Liner equipment!”
Michael Perrie, 30 years as Collision Repair Tech

“The CTR7 welder is a great machine and I absolutely love working on a benchrack all day!”
Brian Hall

“Car-O-Liner gets the job done right. The best!”
Jocke Persson

“Thank you, Car-O-liner, for one of the best purchases we’ve made EVER.”


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