Aluminum Repair

The Fully Digital Revolution — Switch On, Press and Weld!

The CMI273 welders are designed for today’s vehicles and meet the increasing demands for joining the new materials used in them. Whether doing simple MIG/MAG or complex welding operations, the machines’ synergic preset welding programs and automated functions easily handle the entire welding process through the fully digital control panel. The easy-to-use controls provide all key information at a glance. The technician sets the thickness and the machine adjusts all other parameters — switch on, press and weld!

CMI273 Single

Car-O-Liner CMI273 Pulse

CMI273 Duo

Car-O-Liner CMI273 Pulse Twin

Aluminum Workstation

Car-O-Liner’s Aluminum Workstation includes the tools you need in a convenient, portable cart. Organize your equipment to maximize your repair efficiency while keeping your tools separate to avoid galvanic corrosion.

Car-O-Liner Aluminum Workstation

Car-O-Liner Aluminum Workstation

Powerful, Fast & Simple to Use

Car-O-Liner’s CR200 boosts efficiency for quick dent repairs, allowing vehicles to be quickly moved through the repair process, increasing shop productivity and profitability.

The CR200 spotter uses a unique Short Cycle welding process. This welding method is highly effective for both aluminum and steel automotive bodywork when welding screws, pins and accessories such as washers and keys.

Car-O-Liner CR200

Car-O-Liner CR200™

Perfect Solutions for Completing OEM Homologated Blind and SPR Riveting Operations in a Single System

Car-O-Liner’s PNP90 and PNP90 XT2 riveting tools are the perfect solutions for completing OEM homologated blind and SPR riveting operations in a single system. Developed specifically for riveting the most difficult materials such as Ultra-High-Strength Steels and modern dissimilar laminate materials in the automotive, collision repair industry.

PNP90 web

Car-O-Liner PNP90


Car-O-Liner PNP90 XT2

A Clean Shop Begins with Dust Containment

Today, most OEM certification programs require safe dust extraction of aluminum, carbon fiber, and other materials. Dust containment results in a clean business that is safe for your customers and employees. It reduces labor time, and increases efficiency, and therefore increases profitability.

CleanPrep Dry Pneumatic Portable Hepa Vacuum

This portable air powered vacuum is compact and lightweight, at just under 10 pounds. It is dust ignition proof thanks to its use of a quiet air motor drive system, certified for the collection of combustible dust.

CleanPrep Wet Mix Immersion Separator

The Wet Mix Immersion Separator draws air and collected particulate into an immersion tank and forces it through a roiling water bath, thoroughly wetting dust out of the air stream. Three stages of additional filtration ensure the air exhausted from the system is dust and moisture free.

ClearPrep Dry Pneumatic Portable HEPA Vacuum

Car-O-Liner ClearPrep Dry Pneumatic Portable HEPA Vacuum

CleanPrep Wet Mix Immersion Vacuum

Car-O-Liner CleanPrep Wet Mix Immersion Vacuum

Why Buy Car-O-Liner?

Unique & Essential Tools for Exotic Materials

  • Grow business through increased repair orders with equipment to repair vehicles made of exotic metals.
  • Develop technician productivity through easy to use, unique equipment including the long side dent removal tool.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with the ability to repair your customer’s aluminum vehicle.

Car-O-Liner Repair Station for Aluminum Vehicle Collision Repair

Car-O-Liner MIG Welders for Aluminum Vehicle Collision Repair

MIG Welding Technical Tip: Updating Software


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