PNP90 & PNP90 XT2

Expandable OEM Based Universal Riveting System

The perfect solutions for completing OEM homologated blind and SPR riveting operations in a single system.

  • Universal — allows for attachments for various OEM applications: Riveting, Punching, Pressing Out, Calibrating.
  • Highly Efficient — pressure ratio of 100:1.
  • Powerful Push & Pull Operation —PNP90 XT2 2-circuit hydraulic system 10-ton push, 8-ton pull.
  • PNP90 — 6-ton push.
  • Adjustable Operating Pressure — PNP90 XT2 the dial provides variable adjustment of the working pressure so the output force can be controlled to the desired level.
  • Save Time — color coding & labeling of the rivet inserts makes it quick and easy to identify accessories.
  • Training & Support — on-site training and local support are available.

PNP90 6-Ton Capacity
PNP90 XT2 10-Ton Capacity

Car-O-Liner PNP90 & PNP90 XT2 Video

Car-O-Liner PNP90


Car-O-Liner PNP90 XT2


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